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Doggy daycare is available! For a flat rate of $19.90. While you get your errands taken care of, get the kids to soccer practice, or even just want a day to yourself we'll pamper your pooch! Every day of daycare includes a free playtime for your pet. Drop off and pick up can be anytime after we open and before we close! Call us today to schedule your pets day of daycare! 


​Paws N' Claws provides three different accommodations for dogs in the hopes of finding the best fit for your pet. Our largest kennels are usually occupied by the Great Danes, Saint Bernard, a pair of rowdy Labradors, and other generally large and giant breeds of dog, while the medium sized ones are saved for small pairs and singles. The one thing that sets us apart, however, are the indoor-outdoor runs. These runs give us the ability to let a possibly nervous or shy animal inside and outside without having to go through the process of walking them by the other cages. It makes caring for every type of personality a much smoother process for everyone involved. You may ask to reserve a specific type of kennel for your dog, but during the holiday's and busy summer time these do fill up quickly! We guarantee that your pet will be in a comfortable kennel!



Our rates for dog boarding go by your pets weight, starting at $28.00. We charge by the day, which includes the day they go home.  However if you drop them off after 12pm on their first day, you get that first day for free!


Please call us for a quote on how much your pet's lodging will cost.

Our boarding policy is available below for you to look over prior to

making a reservation/boarding.

Doggy Daycare...

Year Round Boarding Available!

Our Dog Lodging


We give tours of our facilities during regular business hours from 11am-3pm. If you need to schedule a different time to come check out our facility, please call ahead and we'll make it happen!

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